What Is the Definition of the Word Consummation


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The protests and riots in Ferguson are, to some extent, the consummation of the marriage between anger and love. Use the noun Completion if you mean the point at which something is finished or completed. Your college diploma will be the completion of four years of hard work. Nglish: Translation of completion for Spanish speakers In addition, bin Laden`s assassination gave him the completion he wanted most, namely a fast path to paradise. The romantic solution idolized our lovers, so that we were cleansed “by perfect perfection with perfection itself.” At the same time, he rejected any interest or desire to accelerate this completion. These sample sentences are automatically selected from various online information sources to reflect the current use of the word “completion.” The opinions expressed in the examples do not represent the opinion of Merriam-Webster or its editors. Send us your feedback. I do not see this scene of redemption as coming to heaven, but as having a homosexual completion legitimized by pagan gods. And yet, the chances – not to mention the overwhelming political power of these two corporate giants – are high for completion. The completion comes from the Latin verb consummare, which means to summarize or end.

The moment something is finished is its completion. Finishing the hard work of a year could be when you use your income to finally realize your dream of a trip to Africa. The name may also refer specifically to the first act of sexual intercourse after a marriage. In the following chapters, an attempt is made to contribute to such a completion. Thesaurus: All synonyms and antonyms to complete In several examples, a hand stretched out from above grabs the knife to prevent the completion of the victim. Convollendetate, which derives from the Latin verb consummare (meaning “to summarize” or “to finish”), has been used as an adjective in English since the 15th century. Some commentators on usage feel that the word is overused, and others think it should be limited to the “perfect” meaning (as in “a perfect little model of a clipper ship”), but none of these positions is more than an opinion. All meanings of the word are well established and have served prudent writers well for many, many years. And there, the affair ended, despite Trenchard`s ardent zeal to lead himself to another completion.

The main event that contributed to this completion was the break between Chief Maroto and Don Carlos. Although he uses glossy covers for his works with consummate skill, there is one qualification that should not be lost sight of. David, the accomplished admirer, has of course made every effort to woo his lady of love. Completed means complete, completed or masterful. When you call someone an accomplished leader, you say that he is the ultimate leader. When you say that someone is an accomplished idiot, you are saying that he is the ultimate idiot. Like Biden, Klain is an accomplished repairman, with degrees from Georgetown and Harvard Law School for good measure. Perfect can be used to describe something good or bad: a consumed joy, a consummate liar. Completion means bringing something to completion, but it often refers specifically to the completion of a marriage through sexual intercourse.

The adjective is pronounced KÃN-sÉ-mit, but the verb is pronounced KÃN-sÉ-mÄt. Nelson called him “a divine accomplished” and was by no means alone in his opinion. Indeed, the protection of discrimination is the only area in which this accomplished yes has shown remarkable leadership. If it seems that Scott is an accomplished politician capable of avoiding controversy, think again. Her mother had been embalmed with such consummate skill that she appeared as she had appeared on her deathbed. They also point to the city`s inability to determine where millions of dollars from the deal ended years after the deal closed. The monarch, the accomplished PR, the leader of the nation, had been vastly overplayed in her home territory. Wood said the Civic Center Plaza transaction was finally completed in June because the trustees requested their own extension so they could take advantage of a tax benefit. Middle English consummat filled, from the Latin consummatus, past partizip from consumare to sum, at the end, from com- + summa sum We believe that from the point of view of management and the board of directors, this is a unique opportunity of a decade with a price tag that could easily be completed.

One of these priests was Portocarrero; and he seems to have been an accomplished master of his trade. Mike is an accomplished organizer, and I imitate a whole bunch of elements of his playbook. He showed consummate perfidy to Diane de Poitiers, to whom historians have not paid due attention. Dave Brat, a first-time candidate and full-time economics professor, decisively beat pole by a margin of 55-45. . .